PREORDER - Planet Spinner Space Adventure Enamel Pin


PREORDER - Planet Spinner Space Adventure Enamel Pin

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Take a spin around this adorable planet with Captain QT herself! The clouds of dust smell like cotton candy, the craters are filled with strawberry milk, and the rings are made of pop rocks. What a sweet place!

• Hard enamel lapel pin plated in nickel.
• The planet spins around!
• Double posted with two black PVC rubber clutches.
• Approximately 50mm (2 inches) tall.

This is a PREORDER. The pins will be ordered from my supplier as soon as 30 of each design have been sold. This could take several weeks to several months. Please be patient! You can opt-in to receive updates via e-mail during check out. If for any reason I am not able to fulfill your order, it will be refunded in full. Thank you so much!

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