The Lore Keeper


My upcoming debut graphic novel.
Set in Europe, 14,000 years ago, a young artist named Lorea must overcome a curse in order to save her tribe from ruin.

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Vezere Valley Venture!

In 2009, I visited painted caves in southern France to do my research for my first graphic novel, The Lore Keeper. I created this travel journal comic during my trip to capture what I saw, learned, and felt.


Little Sprout Lost

A charming silent story about a little Sproutling who has become separated from her family. Sproutlings are my personal take on garden gnomes. They love sweets, milk, and clothing in exchange for keeping your garden tidy and blooming!


Teddy Tantrum

An auto-bio comic about my two visits to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory; one as a child and one as an adult.


Salamander Crossing

On the first warm, rainy nights of Spring in Southern Vermont, local amphibians crawl out of their hidden forest homes to breed. Dangerous roads crisscross their breeding grounds,  but they have help getting across.


Dragon Mischief

A playful comic about a baby dragon who gives a scholarly wizard a hard time.



Two young friends explore an abandoned subway station with a reputation of being haunted.


The Thunderbird

A historical fiction about two cow boys who allegedly shot and killed a monstrous bird creature in 1890.


Worth the Effort

This comic is an allegory about college. The first four pages represent each year of college and the final page represents graduation.


The Surgeon's Photo

A historical fiction about the famous photo of the Loch Ness monster that stumped experts for 60 years.



A story about a lonely person who learns a very hard lesson about love and friendship.


A Taste of Paradise

This comic was created during 24-Hour Comic Day in 2005. The story is about skinny-dipping so it contains some mild nudity.


Frank's Robot

An experimental comic loosely inspired by Frankenstein.


Unexpected Intelligence

A silent comic about a boy and an octopus.

Thank you for reading!